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Kingdom Of Amalur Reckoning Save Game

It can load files that have names like save.xml, save2.xml and save3.xml. The menu of the application --------------------------- The new menu shows all the information of your save game. In the ."Save" tab, the application shows the save files available, and if you are offline, it shows a button to open them. The ."Equipment" tab shows the equipment you are using, so that you can fix it if there is something that does not fit you. In the equipment page, we see a button to filter the equipment, that you can see in the . The ."World" tab shows the world map with your character on it, and your . The green button of the ."Guild" tab shows the guilds where your character is assigned to, and the red button of the ."Plot" tab shows the last plot your character have been involved in. In the . You can see the story . The ."Interface" tab shows the interface of your computer (in this example, the graphic card of my computer). This tab can be hidden by clicking on the arrow of the . If you click on the button of the ."Reset" tab, you can start a new game. This button opens a configuration dialog, where you can save your last path of the game (you can restore this path later in the ."User data" tab). If you click on the button of the ."User data" tab, you can see your last path. The . Here you can see the data and equipment that you saved in the previous dialogs. If you click on the button "copy", it will save your last - path. You can make the last chapter of the game longer by saving more plot in the . If you save a .xml file, it will be added in the next chapter. These . You can also modify the equipment. If you click on a equipment, you will have the dialog of the ."Replace equipment". This dialog is a save game editor, where you can put the equipment you want to put in the save game. When you have finished the equipment that you want to put, click on the button "save". This will open the dialog of the ."Save equipment". Here, you can see the equipment you just created. If you click on the button ."Load

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